Legend! Bill Belichick surrenders to Julian Edelman: “He’s one of the best I’ve ever trained”

Julian Edelman

It has been a hectic week in the environment of New England Patriots because of the announcement of the withdrawal of Julian Edelman. The receiver has been a key part of the squad in its most glorious days, being a fundamental support for Tom Brady and the head coach, Bill belichick. The most awarded coach in the history of the NFL he has surrendered to the player: “he is one of the best I have trained.”

Julian Edelman’s versatility

Julian Edelman has been one of the most important supporting actors in the golden age of New England Patriots. While he rose to stardom as one of the great Tom Brady’s wide receivers, the ‘Pats’ number 11 previously shone as a quarterback in college, and as a returns specialist in his early days with the Foxborough franchise. Even as a receiver, his QB skills were appreciated by taking passes behind the line of scrimmage and sending distance shots.

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Compliments of Bill Belichick

The most champion coach in history appreciated the evolution of the 3-time Super Bowl winner in different positions. «Julian Edelman he’s probably been one of the furthest-reaching players I’ve ever coached. His development as a quarterback in college to receiver and to return punts and even as a defensive player. All the positions that I had never played.

“I certainly endorse him as a kickback player and receiver, for the number of years he was in those difficult positions it is quite an achievement, especially considering that he did not train them in college” added the head coach of New England Patriots after the announcement of the retirement of the receiver at 34 due to his injuries.

Likewise, Belichick thanked the champion for his dedication in these years of glory. “His toughness, his competitiveness, his ability to create plays is enormous, a big part of the pillar of our team. I have a lot of respect for Julian and what he has achieved in his career, because of how hard he has worked to achieve it. I really appreciate everything you have done for me personally and for our organization. “

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