MLB also delayed over anti-racism protests


What happened in Wisconsin with Jacob Blake has had an immense impact not only on the African-American community, but also on American sports. Was the NBA the one that triggered a series of cancellations of matches in various leagues in the United States. The basketball playoffs were not active this Wednesday, since the 3 scheduled games were postponed. Following in his footsteps, there were 3 encounters of the MLB that were not played in protest.

The social situation in the United States due to racism is extremely tense. Many cases of police abuse against African Americans have gone viral. The case of George Floyd is well known, whose death triggered a series of riots in the North American country, as well as the protests that have been seen in the major sports leagues since the return to activities after the quarantine. Now a new case generates controversy.

Videos of the police assault on Jacob Blake have been around the world. The African-American man was besieged by a group of police officers around his car, and was shot 7 times in the back while trying to get into it. What has attracted the most attention is that, at no time, is there any aggression on the part of the 29-year-old subject to any of the officers who were in the place. In addition, everything happened in front of the victim’s wife and children, who were in the vehicle.

Suspended games in MLB

After Wednesday’s NBA Playoffs games were suspended, the MLB confirmed the suspensions of the Brewers-Reds, Padres-Mariners and Giants-Dodgers games. “Given the grief in Wisconsin communities and beyond after the incident in which Jacob Blake was shot, we respect the decisions of a large number of players not to take the field tonight. Major League Baseball stands united in favor of a change in our society and we will be allies in the fight to end racism and injustice, ”reads the league statement.

The executive director of the Players Association of the MLBTony Clark spoke in support of the players who refused to jump to the diamond. “At this critical time, players have been deeply affected by recent events in Wisconsin and similar events in other parts of the country. We are proud of the stance our players have taken, and we remain committed to assisting in efforts to bring about change in the communities of MLB and beyond”.

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