Scandal in MLB! Omar Vizquel is accused of domestic violence

Omar Vizquel

It’s been hectic hours in the MLB following the statements of the Hall of Famer’s wife, Omar vizquel. Blanca, the spouse of the legendary Venezuelan baseball player, accused the former player of domestic violence through a transmission via Instagram, stating that the couple is in the process of divorce. The baseball legend gave his answer on the networks.

Omar vizquel It is, for many, the best short-stop of all time. The former Creole player stood out in teams like Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. The Venezuelan entered the Hall of Fame of the Indians in 2014, and holds the record for the most seasons playing short-stop in the MLB, with 23 campaigns in a row.

Scandal in the networks

Blanca García, the former player’s wife since 2014, made a live broadcast from her Instagram account on October 6, revealing that she is in the middle of the divorce process. This made public that he has been suffering abuse from the Caracas player for years. “It is a strong process, where the man wants me to shut my mouth so as not to damage his career, so as not to damage his Hall of Fame.”

«He never thought of me and my well-being, I was his trophy, I was his key ring. He demanded that I go everywhere with him. And I, in order not to bother him and not pay the consequences, had to agree with a smile, well dressed and made up, “added the wife of the Venezuelan baseball legend, quickly becoming a trend on social networks.

Answer from Omar Vizquel

After the scandal generated after the delicate accusations of his wife, Omar vizquel He broke the silence, and published a video responding to Blanca’s remarks. The former Cleveland Indians player and legend did not elaborate on the case, simply saying that he will not participate in a discussion on social media. “I will not be part of a discussion on social networks that does not contribute to a positive solution or honor the memories of our times together.”

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