Sources: Super League clubs ready for talks with national leagues and UEFA

Sources: Super League clubs ready for talks with national leagues and UEFA

The 12 rebel clubs planning to form a European Super League (ESL) are “ready for dialogue” with the national leagues and UEFA, sources told ESPN.

With widespread hostility and opposition to the proposed ESL announced on Sunday from within football and also from political leaders such as the British Prime Minister Boris johnson and the french president Emmanuel macron, leading figures within the separatist cabal accept that there is a need for high-level conversations to establish their plans.

The president of the UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin, called the group a “dirty dozen” during an explosive press conference on Monday in which he also said that the proposals, in which Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United and others participated, were “spit in the faces of lovers. of football “.

The president of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, president of the group ESL, responded saying that football must “change and adapt”, while dismissing Ceferin’s threat that rebel clubs be banned from the competitions of the UEFA.

On Tuesday there was a meeting of the 14 clubs of the Premier league who do not participate in the proposals – Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are subscribed to the plan ESL – in an effort to agree on a strategy to combat the initiative.

But as anger at the separatist plan remains intense, as confirmed by fans burning a Liverpool jersey ahead of Monday’s game against Leeds United at Elland Road, key figures in ESL They believe that conversations can lower the temperature and lead to a greater understanding of the proposals.

Under the plan ESL, there would be a pay annual solidarity of 160 million euros to the clubs of the Premier league to ensure that the money generated by the new competition is filtered into national football.

ESL leaders are determined to explain their vision of staying in the national leagues while playing only midweek in a Super League.

However, opposition to the proposals remains strong, with national leagues and associations united in their determination to block separatist competition anyway.

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