Valentino Rossi does not find the course and is retirement approaching?

Valentino Rossi.

The world of MotoGP cannot understand a category without the presence of Valentino rossi on the track. The Italian is the greatest figure in recent years, along with Marc Márquez, and represents many fans. However, the last races with the team Yamaha petronas, seem to be starting to mark the path of retirement for the nine-time World Champion.

Before the start of the season, Rossi had anticipated that the first six or seven races of the year would be essential to determine if this year was the last of his sporting life. Despite this, he also announced that he will seek to negotiate with the Petronas team the continuity of one more year, which would definitely be the last of his career. In three races, Rossi did not score important points and this is beginning to worry everyone.

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After the race this Sunday, in Portugal, Rossi spoke about the feelings he has after three rounds on the calendar. At just four points, it’s not the best of starts. This weekend, Valentino had a good race pace. However, after overtaking his brother Luca marini, went to the ground leaving the test very close to the end and in a good point position.

Lack of concentration

After the test, Rossi warned his fans and the media present in Portugal that he has several mental problems when facing the races, something that can be decisive in the future. «I don’t know if it’s my toughest season, it’s difficult. There is a great level and everyone is going strong. In this situation it is not easy to stay focused and motivated, ”said Vale.

«I was a little better, I was able to drive better, I was not so far from the group that is fighting for the podium. Today’s race was difficult. The next races are on good circuits. It will be difficult, but we will try to be competitive, “said Valentino. His contract with the Petronas team is for one season, however, he has the possibility of extending the link at least until 2022, which would be his last year if he decides to continue.

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