World Series scandal: Justin Turner celebrated the title being positive for COVID-19

Justin Turner

After 5,014 regular-season games and 114 postseason games, the Dodgers They are once again champions of the World Series. The Los Angeles team broke their 32-year streak without dedicating themselves to the MLB, finishing off the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6 of the series. However, the looks were taken by third baseman, Justin turner, who celebrated with the group being COVID-19 positive.

Positive in the middle of the World Series game

The big surprise of the sixth game of the World Series It was the withdrawal of Justin turner in the seventh inning. Although the player had been tested with the rest of the players on Monday, his test was not conclusive. To the player of the Dodgers A new test was carried out hours before the game, which tested positive during the match. In principle, this was immediately taken to the hotel.

«I feel great, I don’t have any symptoms. I just experienced all the emotions you can imagine. I can’t believe I can’t be out there to celebrate with my guys! I am so proud of this team and incredibly happy for the city of Los Angeles »said the player through his official Twitter account after the 3-1 victory.

League Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed that the third baseman had been isolated for safety. “We are glad we finished. I think it’s a great achievement for our players to complete the season, but obviously we are concerned when one of our players tests positive. We found out during the game that Justin was positive. He was immediately isolated to prevent the spread.

Justin Turner celebrated the triumph

Despite the confirmations, both positive and isolation, Justin turner appeared on the field of play during the celebration of the championship, even without a mask. This has generated a great scandal, since he put at risk both his teammates and rivals and all those who were close to him. It is unknown if the MLB will issue a sanction for the clear breach of the protocol.

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