Emiliano Sordi.

The Argentine champion in PFL, Emiliano Sordi, is close to re-entering the cage. The Cordovan spoke with the press a few days ago, making it clear what he thinks in the preview of his new defense of the title. In addition, he commented that he was close to competing in UFC, after several calls made to him from the most important company in the world of MMA.

Taking this into account, Sordi He highlighted the number of times they have looked for him from other Mixed Martial Arts companies: «Since January 2 or 3, 2020 we started to have proposals from them, but I am comfortable in PFL. I do not seek publicity, I prefer to be more anonymous. There are a lot of great companies, PFL is doing a great job, Bellator too, and very good events in Asia.

«He will continue to carry big names, the treatment he has PFL with the fighters it is incredible. They take into account everything so that the fighter is comfortable and organize everything at the time of each one, “was what the Argentine said about the great growth of the company where he resides. Being one of the best and most respected, he knows that he has a place for quite some time.

What’s coming

Emiliano Sordi will have the opportunity to compete again in the first phase of the tournament PFL of the Semi-Heavy. This will take place on April 29 in the United States, before Chris Camozzi. «He has a style that suits me well. My fights are never used to be long, I have many finishes in the first round and I hope it ends in that way, “he said in this regard.

In addition, the “Dogo” also highlighted how he lived the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning: “The confinement hit me a bit bad, I trained as best I could. It occurred to me in the middle of the pandemic to help the children, there came a time when we made food for 3,000 people and there were 20 of us working and personally, I promised to continue helping several soup kitchens until I could ».

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