A passion! Brian Ortega, happy to coach The Ultimate Fighter

Brian Ortega.

The extraordinary American fighter, Brian Ortega, he is not only happy for his present in UFC. The aforementioned will be the coach of The Ultimate Fighter, with Alexander Volkanovski as his next fight and team rival. Both will be in front of several fighters, who will represent them in the MMA show. Therefore, the contestant left several interesting phrases.

That way, Ortega He commented, “I feel like the world only knows me as a fighter from interviews we’ve had like this one, and that’s all they’ve had to tell me, ‘This is who he is.’ Now you’re going to see more of who I am, and that’s why I thought the show was amazing because people don’t know about my training. People don’t know that I taught jiu-jitsu for a living before doing this. “

A show! Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega to coach the Ultimate Fighter

“This is my passion. They don’t know that I was under Rener (Gracie), who is under the lineage, who basically adopted me. I love to train. I love teaching. It’s my passion. When I start to go into detail, I forget that I am having a conversation and I love it. So, sharing something with these guys, who are hungry and want information, is the best thing, “he said.

With full confidence

On the other hand, Brian He stated: “Because as a teacher, people sign up and sign up because someone forced them or whatever, but the people who are there for you, hungry to learn, hungry for information, those are the best people. I love teaching because they appreciate what you give them. I’m excited for the show for that reason, to show what I have as a teacher, as a coach, as a leader, and who I am.

‘Let me show you a little bit how I get involved and also do silly things. I don’t know, I have to get there and feel the aura, feel the vibe and just say, ‘Okay, you know what, I feel like doing something stupid. Are you with me? Not? I’ll do it myself’. We’ll see what happens, “he concluded. Brian Ortega, who will face two very important opportunities in his career: the title and YOU F.

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