Alex Smith retired from the NFL after serious injury with moving farewell video

Alex Smith

Alex Smith, veteran quarterback of the NFL, announced on Monday his retirement from professional activity after a 16-year career. The 36-year-old athlete had overcome a serious injury on his right leg that endangered his life. Last month the Washington Football Team They released him and now he has confirmed his decision through a video posted on his Instagram social network.

“Although I still have many ‘snaps’, after 16 years giving this game everything I have, I am looking forward to seeing what else is possible,” said Smith in the emotional video in which he showed various fragments about the recovery of his bass injury. In 2018 he suffered a compound fracture in his right leg, which took 17 surgeries to recover. Despite this, he overcame himself and returned to playing professionally.

Miracle! QB who almost lost a leg returns to the NFL

Last season, the quarterback played eight games for Washington, in an exciting return to the NFL after his shocking injury. During his recovery, a bacterial infection nearly cost Smith his life and nearly required a leg amputation. The video shared on their social networks was quickly viralized and has a great message about overcoming in sports.

“Two years ago I was trapped in a wheelchair looking at my shattered leg and wondering if I could ever go for a walk with my wife or play with my children in the yard,” said the now retired player. “Putting the helmet back on was the furthest thing from my mind. I kept asking myself, ‘All this for one stupid game?’ ‘Recalled Smith, who led Washington to five wins and one loss in his six starts last season, helping the franchise to the division title. East of the National Conference.

In February Smith received the NFL Comeback of the Year award for his commanding performance. The quarterback was chosen as number one in the 2005 Draft by the San Francisco 49ers, where he played eight seasons. In 2013 he joined the Kansas City Chiefs and in 2018 he moved to Washington. Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes said after Smith’s retirement that he’s just “grateful for the time I spent with him. It really helped me to be the QB that I am today. Nothing but respect from him ”.

The exciting farewell video

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