Controversy: Las Vegas Raiders set networks on fire with unfortunate tweet about George Floyd

Las Vegas Raiders

American sports have been attentive to the resolution of the case of George Floyd in the last hours, and finally there is a court decision. Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all 3 murder charges that fell upon him. This has generated a reaction from the major leagues, teams and American athletes on the networks, but a tweet from Las vegas raiders it was very badly received.

The murder case of George Floyd, African American man, at the hands of the police, mobilized all American sports. Protests against police brutality and racism were a central theme in the resolution of the sports seasons in 2020, and now there is finally a sentence against the policeman who asphyxiated the black man with his knee.

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The sentence against Chauvin, as expected, generated an immense reaction on social networks. The NFL was one of the leagues that stood in solidarity with the cause for social justice, and a large part of the messages came from teams and American football players, among whom was Las vegas raiders, American Conference team.

Las Vegas Raiders criticized tweet

After the sentence of Derek Chauvin was announced, who could receive up to 75 years in prison, Las vegas raiders joined the wave of tweets in celebration of the court decision. However, the result was not what was expected. The franchise, in honor of George Floyd, published an image in black with the phrase “I can’t breath (I can’t breathe)” along with the date of the sentence.

The tweet of the Raiders generated an immense repudiation, since the phrase was the one that was heard to say to Floyd while being suffocated. Furthermore, radical American supremacists have used the phrase as a mockery of what happened. This forced the owner, Mark Davis to publicly retract. «I was unaware of that situation. I don’t want anyone in the organization to be singled out. He accepted full responsibility for this.

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