Fernando Alonso and a difficult moment in Formula 1: «I was not up to the task»

Fernando Alonso

After two races since his return to the Formula 1, Fernando Alonso does not seem to have adapted to the setups and team car Alpine. The Asturian had good news after last weekend’s race at Imola. Kimi raikkonen He was sanctioned with 30 seconds, for which Alonso and his teammate climbed to 10th and 9th respectively. However, he regretted his performance: «I was not up to the task«.

After adding his first pnto in his second stage in the highest category, Fernando Alonso left very displeased with the Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit in Imola. The tenth place this Sunday does not seem to have pleased his team or the pilot himself, who expressed his discomfort with the performance. Despite this, he is still confident that the next races will see the Alonso we all know again.

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Although the performance is not what Alonso would like to have, the Spaniard spoke at a press conference after the Imola Grand Prix, and made it clear that he wasn’t expecting much more from the first few races. On the other hand, Alonso assured that the adaptation process to the new car is being more complicated than normal.

“I expected more”

“I’m not surprised. I was hoping to fight exactly what I am fighting now. I finished right behind Esteban, I was ahead of him when I retired in Bahrain. I am more or less where I expected to be, but you always want more, to be higher, to have more confidence with the car, “said the two-time champion as published by the Spanish media Soymotor.com.

«I have changed teams many times and categories and there is always a period of adaptation, but it is never an excuse and it will not be now. It should be better. I didn’t measure up this weekend, but I will be in Portugal. As I said, it was more of a test because we had the opportunity to test in many different conditions today and that is very useful information, “he said.

Source: Official Twitter Alpine F1 Team

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