“I want to be the Canelo of the heavy ones”, assures Andy Ruíz

Quiero ser el Canelo de los pesados, asegura Andy Ruíz

Andy Ruiz acknowledge that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez has become an inspiration and an influence, and you want to become the Canelo of the heavy.

“I want to become a Canelo of the heavy ones, “he said Andy ruiz in promotional of PBC. “Someone disciplined, someone who is focused, who wants to conquer things, and leave a legacy in boxing.”

At the time, Saul traveled to Saudi Arabia to be one of the few Mexicans who were present in the rematch between Ruiz Y Anthony Joshua in December 2019.

Andy ruiz shared that he asked for help Canelo what for Eddy reynoso agree to be your coach.

“He said, ‘Okay, let me talk to Eddy (Reynoso) and let’s see what we can do, ‘”he shared Andy ruiz about his approach with Canelo to train with Eddy reynoso. “He called me the next day, and we had a little meeting. That’s when they welcomed me ”.

Ruiz commented that he feels renewed with the Canelo Team and focused on becoming a world heavyweight champion again.

“This fight is important because now I’m focused and I’m going to do things well,” he said. Ruiz. “I learned my lesson in defeat and I promise you that when I become a two-time Mexican heavyweight champion, I will not take it for granted.”

That has led to a major physical transformation in which he has shed a great deal of weight.

“All my life, everyone has judged me on my appearance, but I did not give up. And I think that’s what has brought me here, “he said. Destroyer. “Becoming the first Mexican heavyweight champion in the world was incredible.”

Andy Ruíz and the nickname of Destroyer

Andy Ruiz He carries with him a nickname that suits him perfectly and it was accentuated when he destroyed, precisely, Anthony Joshua to become a world champion.

“They gave me the nickname ‘Detroyer‘because I was always destroying things, “he explained Ruiz on how his famous nickname was introduced to him. “I guess that’s how I got the nickname of Destroyer“.

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