It begins to beat: Anthony Johnson, excited to liquidate Yoel Romero at Bellator

Anthony Johnson.

The UFC expeller, Anthony Johnson, will debut in Bellator and your first steps could be really gigantic. The American left the company that Dana White commands a few weeks ago, after achieved historic moments. Now, he will have to do the same in the competition, although against another historical and legendary martial artist: Yoel romero. Without a doubt, a more than complicated debut for both.

Starting with your words, Johnson He said, ‘Everybody wants three rounds. Who wants five rounds? It’s 25 minutes of fighting. I’d take 15 out of 25 any day, but I’m ready for that. My fights don’t usually last five rounds. It’s me or them, and that’s fine with me. I don’t like leaving anything to the judges at all. But five rounds, if that’s what it has to be, that’s what it has to be. “

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“I heard that number so many times during my main event fights and things like that. I trained for five rounds. If it doesn’t last five rounds, fine. Win or lose, great, but if it lasts five rounds, I don’t care. I’ve been training hard for this whole situation that I’m about to be in on May 7th. Yoel is very complicated, “summed up the former UFC champion.

An epic battle

In addition, Anthony He stated: “He is an explosive fighter, one of the most explosive fighters I have ever seen. He can fight his butt and he can knock you out too. We’ve seen him in a couple of different fights so I have to be very mindful of whatever comes my way. So I just have to do it. I don’t really care what it might do. I focus on myself and sharpening my tools, and they have to adapt.

“You have to adjust independently in a fight because everyone does something different and just because it looks similar in practice doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be that way during the fight. I just look forward to the challenge. I’m ready to go out and see what happens, see if the 37-year-old still has it. Even though he’s older than me, he still has it. I think he is a superior athlete. I have nothing bad to say about him because he is a great athlete, and he is a fighter, and I respect all fighters, “he concluded. Anthony Johnson.

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