Jake Paul vs. Daniel Cormier? The two-time UFC champion responded to the youtuber

Daniel Cormier.

After knocking out Ben Askren, Jake paul keep looking for rivals to defeat in the UFC. For this reason, the name of Daniel cormier, a two-time company champion and a member of the hall of fame. Without a doubt, one of the greatest legends of the leading Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. Therefore, the now sports commentator did not remain silent and responded.

Okay, fat boy. So me against you and Love against Woodley? », Was what he questioned Jake paul on social media. Before that, Eat He replied, “This guy would never fight me. I would kill him. Why would I fight someone like that? But my immediate reaction was, ‘I can’t stand this kid.’ So it works! I can’t stand this kid! But who hits? You don’t hit anyone.

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In addition, DC commented: “I’m the guy who is in the Hall of Fame. I’m the guy who won two world championships at the same time. I’m not going to hit a kid on YouTube who says, ‘Fight me!’ Why? What have you done to earn the right to fight me? So no, it’s dumb and stupid. But I would like him to fight Tyron. I’d like to see him fight someone more real.

Can not stand it

Don’t fight Ben Askren at 190, bloated. Fight a middleweight. Fight Luke Rockhold! Let me watch you fight Luke Rockhold or someone like that. And then I will not only say that you have basic skills, I will say that you are a true fighter. Because right now everything is fake. Everything is fake. It is time to stop calling this child a YouTuber, because the child has the understanding and fundamentals of boxing, “he summarized.

To close, Daniel cormier He said, “Are they high-level fundamentals? No, but he understands. If he continues to fight guys like this, he’ll still look the way he does. But the moment he fights someone who has a better understanding of boxing, that combination is not going to land as effectively, and even if it does, it is not just going to take these guys out. The boys will start to roll with the punch, they will stop reacting so badly to the punch to the body.

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