Rentistas vs. Racing Club – Pre-Match – April 21, 2021

Rentistas vs.  Racing Club - Pre-Match - April 21, 2021

(EFE) – The youngest coach of the tournament and a warrior of a thousand battles will face each other this Wednesday in the duel between Rentistas de Uruguay and Racing Club for Group E of the Copa Libertadores.

The Uruguayan Martín Varini and the Argentine nationalized Spanish Juan Antonio Pizzi will be in charge of guiding their teams in the beginning of an international season in which one will make its premiere and the other will fight to get a title that has been denied since 1967.

In this way, Varini will give his 29-year-old his first steps at the helm of Rentistas, who joined the Libertadores after a spectacular 2020 season, in which he reached the final of the local championship just one season after playing in the Second Division .

For his part, the Spanish-Argentine is preparing to start a new international adventure and thus add it to many others that he already has on his back, such as winning the Spanish Pichichi trophy with Tenerife, obtaining six titles with Barcelona, ​​playing a European Championship and a World Cup with Spain, direct in six countries and guide Chile to obtain the Copa América Centenario (2016).

After losing several of their players during the last season, Rentistas added a significant amount of reinforcements, among which the World Cup player Jonathan Urretaviscaya and Tabaré Viudez, champion of the Libertadores 2015 with River Plate, stand out.

Against Racing, the latter could start as a starter in a midfield in which Nicolás Colazo will also be, with a past in Rosario Central and Boca Juniors.

On the other hand, the young Nahuel Acosta and Salomón Rodríguez would be in charge of the attack in an eleven where the most experienced players will stand in the background.

At La Acadmia, some of its starters will arrive rested after adding a few minutes or not participating in the duel this Sunday against Arsenal de Sarandí for the tenth round of the local league.


RENTERS: Yonatan Irrazabal; Andrés Rodales, Damián Malrrechaufe, Guillermo Fratta; Lucas Morales; Tabaré Viudez, Ramiro Cristobal, Jim Morrison Varela, Nicolás Colazo; Nahuel Acosta and Salomon Rodríguez. Coach: Pablo Varini.

RACING CLUB: Gabriel Arias; Juan Cáceres, Leonardo Sigali, Nery Domínguez, Joaquín Novillo, Eugenio Mena; Tomás Chancalay, Leonel Miranda, Kevin Gutiérrez, Matías Rojas and Enzo Copetti. Coach: Juan Antonio Pizzi.

REFEREE: Paraguayan Carlos Benítez.

HOUR: 21.00.

STADIUM: Centenario, in Montevideo.

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