Sports tragedy: sports legend Hank Aaron, nicknamed ‘the king of home runs’, has died

Hank Aaron

Hank aaron, mythical baseball player and second player with the most home runs in history, died this Friday at the age of 86. Who also had an active participation for civil rights was fired by different organizations, remembered for his achievements and his legacy. Major League Baseball They spoke in a statement on the death of the member of the Hall of Fame.

“We are devastated by the passing of ‘Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, one of the best players and people in the history of our sport,” was what Major League Baseball reported, remembering one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Who was active in the sport during 1954 and 1976, he was continuously involved with activities against racism.

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He himself had to face racist threats when he beat Babe Ruth’s home run record and dropped it at 755 when he retired in 1976, a mark that Barry Bonds later broke in 2017. The baseball player primarily excelled in baseball games. Atlanta Braves, where they nicknamed him ‘The Hammer’. There he received different recognitions such as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 1957 and 21 consecutive appearances in the All-Star game.

Although the cause of his death is unknown, the last time he was seen publicly alive was when he received the Covid-19 vaccine, less than two weeks ago. His historic team, the Braves, sent a message on their networks reminding him: “He was a beacon for our organization, first as a player, then in player development and always with our community efforts. His incredible talent and determination helped him achieve the highest achievements, but he never lost his humble nature. ” In addition, on their Twitter they have a profile photo with their number (44) in black and white for mourning.

Aaron still holds the records for the highest number of RBIs (2,297) and the most bases reached (6,856). The historic hitter was born on February 5, 1934 in Mobile (Alabama), he was one of the eight children of Herbert and Estella Aaron. At age 18 he went to Indianapolis Clowns, one of the last teams in the extinct Negro Leagues of baseball, then in 1954 he went to the Major Leagues with the Milwaukee Braves, who in 1966 went to Atlanta.

Major League Baseball decided to name the award for best hitter hitter the ‘Hank Aaron’ award. After retiring in 1976, Hank became one of baseball’s first high-level black executives, after being appointed by the Braves as their vice president of player development. In 1982 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame and in 2002 President George Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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