The heir? Pedro Acosta already has the ‘blessing’ of Marc Márquez

Pedro Acosta

Last weekend the Grand Prix of Portugal from MotoGP. In the race at the Portimao circuit there were two well-known protagonists. The first one was Marc Márquez that after nine months he returned to compete officially. The second was Pedro Acosta, what won his second race in three Moto3 events. The 16-year-old received his idol’s ‘blessing’ after the race.

Three formidable races for Pedro Acosta established him as the sensation of the Motorcycle World Championship. The Spanish is the undisputed leader of the Moto3 World Championship. In three tests, he obtained three podiums: two victories and a second place on the first date. The first of the victories had a formidable epic: he started from pit lane and passed all the drivers on the track.

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After these brilliant performances, Acosta received the highest accolade of his life. Marc Márquez was the one who gave the blessing to the young Spaniard, who seems to be the top candidate to win the Moto3 title. A few days ago, Márquez had written a tweet highlighting the talent that Pedro Acosta possesses. “It’s very good,” he said.


«Pedro Acosta is good, very good. And I said it, I tweeted it on Qatar. Ride different from the others compared to those in Moto3. I think he will win this year. But let’s not put pressure on the boy either, “said Márquez according to the Spanish media Marca. On the other hand, the eight-time World Champion predicted that Acosta will be one of the future figures of MotoGP.

“He is very young, but if he keeps his head where it needs to be, he will make it to MotoGP and he will do it very, very well. But, time to time. You don’t have to put too much pressure. He is young, he is doing very well, he rides differently from the rest. Going to get to Moto2He’s going to burn out stages and I think, sooner or later, he’s going to make it to MotoGP and he’ll do it very well, ”declared Márquez.

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