Valentino Rossi will receive improvements and hope for the future: «He will continue in MotoGP»

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi He is the most experienced and most famous rider in the paddock of MotoGP. The Italian earned idolatry with victories, personality and titles. However, he is in the last steps of his extensive sports career, which is now 25 years old. The start of the 2021 season was not the best, but in the next races they hope it will improve: «Will continue in MotoGP«Said his boss, Razlan Razali.

The team Petronas Yamaha it is not the same as last year. It seems weird that one of the best MotoGP teams of the 2020 season today is so underperforming in terms of performance. However, Razali, team boss, has already confirmed that both Valentino and Franco Morbidelli will receive improvements in their Yamaha for him Spanish Grand Prix In two weeks.

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Thanks to this, the nine-time World Champion was able to aspire to other goals. The start of the championship was not the best, and before starting the season he had anticipated that the first races would be essential for its continuity in 2022. Razali, for his part, trusts that ‘Il Dottore’ will not leave Petronas, and neither will the top category .

«He will continue in MotoGP»

«Two races cannot decide the future of Valentino. The World Championship has just started and we will see how it behaves in future Grands Prix. If he is strong and competitive in the next four or five races, he will surely keep going in MotoGP. The question is simple. We haven’t made a decision yet. There are two months to go to know what our 2022 will be, “said Razali according to the Spanish media


Valentino has one of the Yamaha M1 used by the official team of the Japanese brand. However, the performance does not appear to be the same. It has not yet been confirmed if it is an error in the configuration or the setting used by the Italian. Despite having the ‘official’ bike, Rossi cannot find the rhythm, and the Spanish Grand Prix may be decisive in what he decides for next season.

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