You already chose! Michael Chandler says he will be champion at UFC 262 and looks to the future

Michael Chandler.

Michael chandler collides with Charles Oliveira for the Lightweight belt of UFC, but look further. Therefore, the American assures that he will break it and then go for other legends of Mixed Martial Arts: Conor mcgregor Y Dustin Poirier. Without a doubt, the former Bellator champion is here to stay and goes to all the stars of the division, where he already destroyed Dan Hooker in his debut.

Therefore, starting with his sayings, Chandler He recounted: “When I win the title on May 15, I’m not going to be the guy to make the decisions. I’m going to be the champion and I have the belt, but I’m not going to be the guy who makes the decisions. You just look at the rankings and look at the body of work of Dustin Poirier, he’s the obvious number one guy right now. He chose to take the fight for the money and pass up the opportunity to fight for the title.

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“If he beats Conor, obviously he is option number one. But yes Conor He beats player number one, the bigger his name is, the more the star power of himself, the more when Conor is on and Conor chasing the title, there is no more exciting show in sports. So, he goes out and runs through Dustin, or even beats Dustin In a dominant way, I think that makes him the number one contender, “he said.

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What’s more, Michael he communicated: “I’ll be holding the belt and standing there by the cage in Las Vegas, excited to see who I’ll probably fight later this year or the first next year. Conor He hasn’t said anything negative about me. Conor really hasn’t said my name at all. Not that that’s a good or bad thing. Poirier have. It’s fine. You can have your opinion on me.

“‘I haven’t earned it’ or he would rather sell hot sauce than fight me for the title, or it’s ‘fool’s gold.’ It was more aimed at him because he has been the type that has been said the most. He has a great fight ahead of him. He has the biggest fight of his life ahead of him. Finish a trilogy with Conor mcgregor it is the most important thing on your plate. But again, I suppose I should be more concerned about Charles Oliveira, “he concluded. Michael chandler.

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