Anthony Smith, confident of defeating Jimmy Crute this Saturday at UFC 261

Anthony Smith.

On the night of this Saturday, in the UFC 261, Anthony Smith will have a contest more than lasts. In front will be Jimmy crute, who arrives with the desire to destroy his rival and make news in all MMA. Therefore, neither of them has easy things, although both seem to be excited about achieving one of the best finishes of the night. Therefore, the first mentioned left a strong message.

Starting with his sayings, Smith He commented: «I think it’s good for my career, a very important name to keep on track. What hit me before the title fight was that I was fighting the older guys, and even though they were Hall of Famers or former champions, I think the hit is that they were older guys. This time it is different, I think everything will be fine ».

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“Then I fight Devin Clark and he’s a promising young man, so I thought, ‘Okay, he’s a young boy.’ I beat him and people say, ‘Oh, it’s not that good.’ I think a victory over Jimmy crute It legitimates that I am as good as I say I am. Undoubtedly, this victory would leave me well standing before all the critics and those who do not believe in my power inside the cage, “he also summarized.

Wants to position

Parallel, Anthony He had this to say about what’s to come: “I’ve always respected the game. Or you are in two positions in this sport: you are climbing or defending. On my way to the title, I was climbing my way to the top and always looking forward. You drop a couple of fights, you stub your toe a bit and you have to defend your sport a bit.

I know Dana respects that. I know that UFC respect that, that he was willing to fight Devin Clark with absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose. And here I am doing it again. I do it to show that I don’t give a shit who you put in front of me. I am here to defend my position and then after this we can climb again ”, he closed Anthony Smith.

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