Ceferin assures that Florentino wants an “obedient” UEFA president

Ceferin assures that Florentino wants an "obedient" UEFA president

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said last night that Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez, one of the architects of the Super League, wants a person in charge of European football who is “obedient”.

“I have long realized that Pérez does not want a UEFA president like me. That is an even greater incentive for me to stay.”Ceferin said in statements to POP TV 24ur.

“He wants a president who obeys him, listens to him and does what he thinks. I, on the other hand, act for the good of European and world football.”added the head of Uefa.

Among those who have disappointed him in connection with the creation of the Super League, Ceferin has the greatest understanding for Barcelona.

“Everyone has disappointed me to a certain extent, but I have to say that maybe Barcelona is the one that has disappointed me the least”, He said.

He explained that Barça president Joan Laporta was under a lot of pressure due to the financial situation he inherited at the club, not because of him.

“So obviously he was under a lot of pressure, but nonetheless, as a shrewd negotiator, he secured an exit strategy,” Ceferin said.

On the other hand, he pointed out that after the attempt to create the Superliga “a phantom league of rich people that never existed”, the “doors of UEFA are still open to all, but mistakes will have to be recognized.

“From now on it will be a little different. You are great, if you know how to recognize the mistake. The doors of UEFA are open if you accept the consequences of your actions,” said the Slovenian.

He opined that for the solution of the situation created after the attempt to launch the super league, dialogue with the clubs that have not yet given up is necessary.

“I think we will have to evaluate the situation for each specific club and then see how everything is going to develop. First you have to have at least some honesty, to be able to wait for the dialogue on the other side.”

He evaluated as “unlikely” that there will be no Champions League games next week. In the semifinal he should play, in addition to PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea, also Real Madrid.

He considered that the Super League, in reality, never came into being.

“The Super League, in my opinion, never existed. It was an attempt to establish a phantom league of rich people. That would not respect any system, it would not respect the pyramid of football in Europe, tradition, culture or history,” he declared .

He assured that when the delegates of the UEFA congress expressed their concerns regarding the future of football, he told them: “Give me 24 hours and that league will no longer exist.”

His conviction was confirmed Tuesday night with the departure of most of the project’s clubs.

“We have 235 of the 247 (European clubs) on our side. And now we have 244. All of them are with us. Yesterday I received SMS of support from practically all the clubs in Europe,” he said.

He credited the fans for the positive outcome of events.

“The fans are numerous, they love their club and if the fans get angry, they rise up in a certain kind of revolution. No country can afford it,” he said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acted responsibly, siding with the fans, not only in favor of culture and love of football, but also because that ensures order for the state, Ceferin said.

On the other hand, the millionaires who were involved in the separatist project underestimated the power of the fans.

That is something “characteristic of people surrounded by people who always agree with them and tell them that they are the best, the most beautiful and intelligent,” said the president of Uefa.

He expressed his understanding for the difficult situation some clubs are going through due to the pandemic, although he warned that some are in the red for being poorly managed.

“If you pay too much to the players, to unsuitable players, and for that reason you do not achieve results, that leads to financial damage. For example, Bayern Munich has no losses and won the Champions League. You don’t have to constantly look for excuses in the covid-19, “concluded Ceferin.

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