De la Hoya accepts that he was drunk on Triller’s broadcast; apologize

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Óscar de la Hoya

Oscar de la hoya He accepted that he was intoxicated by serving as a commentator on the broadcast of Triller who starred Jake paul Y Ben askren last Saturday, for which he apologized.

De La Hoya acknowledged that he trains hard every day to return to boxing, so on Saturday he decided to give himself a moment of relaxation, much in the style of what he has shown Triller.

“It is the effect Triller“Explained the Golden boy in an interview for DAZN Boxing show. “They are combining music, entertainment, Snoop dogg, Ice cube, Justin Bieber, and it was the effect Triller. It is entertainment, it is huge, they are about to reach two million houses in sales with the event on Saturday ”.

“I’ve been in beast mode for about six weeks,” revealed the Los Angeles-born. “And I got carried away a bit. I had a couple of drinks. And then they said, ‘Why don’t you go and comment?’ And I accepted”.

The 48-year-old manager apologized for his attitudes and the improper state in which he worked.

“I apologize. But everything is okay. It’s all good, ”said the American of Mexican descent. “I’m back in beast mode. I’m ready to go and I mean, as you know, I’ve been posting photos and videos of myself training. So, I’m going to continue with that. So, we are on, baby ”.

It is not news that the Californian had documented problems with alcohol and some prohibited substances.

On Saturday’s broadcast, the former world champion was sweaty, red-eyed, and making effusive strange comments. It seemed as if he was under the influence of alcohol or some substance.

De La Hoya apologized for being drunk, but also talked about his return to the ring

Constantly, Oscar de la hoya He flirts with his return to the ring and was trained in many videos, through his social networks.

The rival to beat is not yet known, but the own From the pot confirmed that it will make an exhibition on July 3.

“You know what? I’ll tell you one thing: look, my whole career, my whole life, I’ve been chasing the best ”, revealed the Californian. “I love fighting the best and this will not be an exception. I do not know yet. I do not know yet. I mean, I have an idea, but we’re not locked or loaded yet. We are very close to locking someone up. But let’s say everyone, the world will be surprised. People will say that I will be crushed, but they will see ”.

The videos after Saturday

After Saturday’s intoxication, Oscar de la hoyaThe 48-year-old posted a video Monday where he trains hard, as if to show that he was in the gym sweating Saturday’s alcohol.

“Beast mode. Go. This is just the beginning ”, he posted From the pot next to the video in Instagram.

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