Exciting! UFC historic Chris Weidman returns to the Octagon this Saturday

Chris Weidman.

The former Middleweight Champion of UFC, Chris Weidman, returns to action this Saturday and excites the fans. The American will face a challenge more than hard, when he meets Uriah Hall, who has just retired Anderson Silva. All of this will occur in the UFC 261 this weekend, which will have three titles at stake. It is precisely for this reason that the historic fighter stopped talking about.

Being that way, Weidman He said: “I want to go out and let the fans choose when they want me to fight for the title, and I have to do it by making big statements. I don’t expect it to be right after this fight from Uriah Hall. I hope to fight another big name after that, and if another is needed, another is needed. But I think winning two fights in a spectacular way and I can show my potential, I think people are going to want to see me fight for the title.

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“Seeing that fight, seeing how a strong guy was able to get through it in the fight and get the takedowns, it definitely reaffirmed the thoughts I had on that fight. Having said that, I have work to do. I have a Uriah Hall. I don’t expect to fight Adesanya next. I know that I am a bad match for him, and when I can show it to everyone, people will want to see it, “he summed up.

Is excited

At the same time, Chris He commented: “I think I have all the potential in the world. I just need to do the right thing. For a long time, I stopped working the way I should. He wasn’t in the gym all the time. I was cutting a lot of corners instead of doing all the work I could. I was looking to do as little work as possible, and it worked for me during a couple of fights that I was winning.

“I think that leaving my environment to which I was used and with the habits that I had, even just by moving, allowed me to fall in love with the sport again and just be in the gym to learn. I’ve been in the gym non-stop and that hasn’t happened since before my fight with Lyoto Machida. That’s the last time I did that. And for Vitor’s fight that was when I began to loosen my training, “he closed Chris Weidman.

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