Is the fight between Andy Ruiz and Chris Arreola really a fraud?

¿Es realmente un fraude la pelea entre Andy Ruiz y Chris Arreola?

Andy ruiz will face Chris arreola on June 1 in a fight that will end with a long inactivity of both, but to which the legendary Mexican coach Nacho Beristain called it “a fraud.”

Is the Ruiz vs. Arreola fight really a fraud?

This fight must be put under the magnifying glass, and try to understand it with everything and its context.

Chris arreola, as a rival of Andy ruiz, it would have been a great fight for May 2020, not May 2021. In May 2020, Arreola could be a good match for Ruiz come back quickly and change the pitiful image left by his revenge against Anthony Joshua December 2019.

Beat Arreola in May 2020, I left the table set to Andy ruiz so that he would seek to return to the fore in the second half of 2020. For that fight he seemed like a Top 10 rival in the category as can be Dillian whyte, Alexander Povetkin or Luis Ortíz. And if he beat one of them, then he would aspire to once again be crowned against the elite as Deontay Wilder, Tyson fury, Anthony Joshua, or even Oleksandr Usyk.

But the pandemic arrived and all the plans Andy, not only were they put on hiatus, they had to be completely rewritten.

In the middle of the first peak of the pandemic, in May 2020, Andy ruiz announced that he was adding to the stable of Eddy reynoso. However, it was not until the end of September that Ruiz showed up at the gym of Reynoso and the Canelo, in San Diego, to begin his training.

That is to say, that all of 2020, the year in which he had to step on the accelerator to recover quickly from the defeat with Joshua, it was a sabbatical year for Andy ruiz. First, because of the pandemic that stopped almost everything; and second, for the same desire for reinvention that I was looking for Andy.

And indeed, from the hand of Eddy reynoso, Andy went through an exhaustive process that promises to be a reinvention. He lost considerably in weight, and since he arrived in San Diego in September, he has been seen focused and training with intensity in his physical and technical aspects.

All this has led to the rival that would have been ideal for Andy ruiz in May 2020, no longer so ideal today, a year later, in May 2021.

Certain: Chris arreola not exactly the level of heavyweight fighter that a lot of people want as a rival of Andy ruiz today.

TO Andy you want to see him against those already mentioned Whyte, Ortíz, Povetkin, and from that level up.

But although Chris arreola Do not be that attractive rival, nor can we qualify it as a fraud.

And here are some reasons:

  1. Inactivity? It is true that Chris arreola He will arrive with 21 months of inactivity, since he fought for the last time in August 2019. But, still, Andy ruiz He arrives with an absence of 17 months. He last fought in December 2019 in the rematch against Anthony Joshua.
  2. Watch out for Chris Arreola’s last fight. That last fight of Arreola in August 2019, it was against the Polish Adam kownacki, and it was a war. Broke the records of CompuBox punches thrown (2,172) and connected punches (667) for a heavyweight fight. In his chronicle for CBS Sports, Brian campbell called the fight “a heavyweight version of the action-packed trilogy of Arturo Gatti Y Micky ward“. Arreola he fought that war with an injured hand from the fifth round, and lost a unanimous decision. But this makes it clear to us that Chris arreola gonna go out to fight, and that fight with Ruiz It can be another action packed fight.
  3. Arreola has lived his own reinvention. Yes Andy ruiz has gone through a physical transformation, cutting excess weight, Arreola it is not far behind. He has also published photos and videos where it is seen that he has reduced weight significantly, which can help both of them give a dynamic fight, and with a lot of hitting.

Andy Ruiz, to come back, win and move on

So it’s a fight that has its cool bits and enough subplots to make it attractive. Andy ruiz He comes out as the favorite, and has the obligation to win, in a fight that should not be a formality, but a fight that will demand the winner.

Andy ruiz You must get back in the ring, win, and move on. And, then yes, already on track again, there cannot be in this 2021, another Chris Arreola. Yes indeed Andy ruiz aspires to join the elite of the heavy.

If 2021 starts for Andy ruiz with Chris arreola should end with a Whyte, Ortíz or Povetkin. Nothing less than that.

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