Jake Paul boasts he made $ 75 million in his third fight, jabbing Mayweather and McGregor.

Jake Paul presume que ganó 75 millones de dólares en su tercera pelea, y lanzó jabs a Mayweather y McGregor

The YouTuber and now a professional boxer, Jake paul, they presumed that they have made more money than they did Floyd mayweather Y Conor mcgregor in his first three fights.

Jake paul knocked out the former fighter of UFC, Ben askren, to maintain his professional record of 3-0.

The 24-year-old said on his social networks that the fight with Askren generated $ 75 million in sales from more than 1.5 million Pay Per View subscriptions.

Paul boasts making more money than Mayweather and McGregor in their third fight

Taking these impressive millionaire figures, the YouTuber He sent a couple of poisoned darts to Floyd mayweather Y Conor McGregor.

And it is that, talking with his brother Logan in an interview on the channel YouTube Impaulsive, Jake paul explained the difference between his boxing career, and those of Mayweather Y Mcgregor.

“In the third fight of Conor mcgregor on UFC, they paid him 80 thousand dollars “, he explained Ryan paul. “In the third fight of Floyd mayweather they paid him $ 7,500. “

And, in addition, he added that those fights of Mayweather Y Mcgregor they went to unknown rivals.

“And by the way, no one in this room can name who they fought against,” he said. Jake paul. “I’ll pay you $ 50,000 if you can tell me who they were.”

Paul wants to be the king of PPV

This celebrity who has more than 20 million subscribers on Youtube. He is taking advantage of his moment and fame, and is not carried away by the past, but by the present in boxing, where he wants to be number 1 in profits.

This is what my management has texted me: “We do this right and you will be the biggest pay-per-view star ever,” he shared in the video.

In his first two pelas, Paul has beaten fellow YouTuber, AnEsonGib, and the retired NBA player, Nate robinson.

It was expected that Askren was the toughest test of the credentials of Paul, but it made the display look easy.

Jake Paul is breaking paradigms in boxing.

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