Latest! Ronda Rousey, the UFC legend, gave an ad that exploded around the world


In these last hours, Round rousey, UFC legend and fighter of Wwe, gave an unexpected announcement. The aforementioned left everyone with their mouths open, after what were some viral words on social networks. Knowing what his last name means in Mixed Martial Arts, added to the legacy he has on his back, each step he takes or each word he releases, is always news.

Surprising everyone, Rousey, along with her husband and Heavyweight expeller from UFC Travis Browne, made it clear that she is pregnant and social networks were revolutionized. It should be noted that this baby will be the first of the couple and its birth is expected on September 22. As expected, everything spread quickly, so thousands of positive comments reached him.

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How do I put this? Pow! Four months pregnant. Oh what? You didn’t even know. The last four months. Court. I’ve been pregnant since January, so woo, baby bump. I can no longer hide it, so it’s time to show it, “is what the former champion of UFC in a video, which quickly went viral on all social networks. Undoubtedly, exciting news.

Continuing on the same line, Round He also highlighted the following in this regard: “We are all very excited to meet the baby, as are we. The baddest baby on the planet is coming to you soon. Without a doubt, her exciting announcement gave everyone a buzz on the planet, considering what this fighter means to the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

His story

Round rousey, 34 years old today, was established as the first female bantamweight champion of UFC. However, he has not fought in MMA since the knockout loss in December 2016, to Amanda Nunes. After that, WWE was his next home. In 2017 he entered the fight, where he won millions of fans. Her career continued outside of sports, when she ventured as an actress in well-known films.

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