Marc Márquez spoke of his possible retirement after injuring himself in 2020: “You have no other choice”

Marc Márquez

A pilot of MotoGP suffers throughout a season, multiple injuries. However, some tend to be decisive in your sports career. What happened to Marc Márquez in the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix was one of them. Many began to slip the chance that the Champion’s retirement was more than close. «You have no other«Said the Spaniard about his hypothetical abandonment.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca, the Cervera driver could not avoid the question that everyone was asking while he was away. Márquez commented that if he had not recovered, the option of retirement was on the table, and he had to accept it. In addition, he assured that a retirement due to injury is not what the pilot of Repsol Honda.

Marc Márquez points to Jerez, the circuit of his injury: «It will be easier»

“Nobody wants that, a retirement due to injury. Logically, no. The ideal retirement of a rider is because he wants to, not because an injury forces him or forces him because he has no place in MotoGP. But I would have accepted it, logically. You have no other choice, but what is done is done, so now we are on a motorcycle, enjoying it again, “said Márquez enthusiastically.

I return without fear

After Grand Prix of Portugal the Spaniard gave his feelings of what he experienced in the return and confirmed that his mentality did not play a trick on him at any time. “Mentally I have freed myself and every time I think about it my voice cracks a little, but it has been too hard,” he said post-race.

«When you see the fall of my brother and that of Martín, you say: ‘This can hurt you as I have already done’. But I have not felt fear because if you feel it you cannot drive as I have driven. I have not understood how I was able to ride fast. At no time have I felt the bike, but it was alone and well. At the end of the race I did feel a limitation, but there were seven laps left and we had to finish, “he added.

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