The commemorative belts delivered by the WBC

Los cinturones conmemorativos que ha entregado del CMB

(By Paulina Brindis / Pepe Havok / WBC) Since 2017, the commemorative belts of May 5 and September 16 by the CMB (World Boxing Council) and boy have they given something to talk about.

Initially, there was a lot of confusion about the large number of titles that there are in professional boxing, and many people had many doubts about what these belts could mean for boxing fans.

It is difficult for the fans to have champions WBC, IBF, WBO Y WBA Not counting all the other organizations that give titles, however the following three points should be understood:

1.- The commemorative belts of the CMB they are not titles. They are prizes that are won by the boxers who are victorious in the fights in the weeks of May 5 and September 16.

2.- The CMB gives the opportunity to artisans to translate their ideas into these trophies and thus give them greater media impact.

3.- These girdles created a tradition for boxing by highlighting two dates that are 100% boxing and that fans are waiting impatiently for.

How many WBC commemorative belts have been made?

Today there are nine commemorative belts of the CMB corresponding to the different ethnic groups that exist in the State of Mexico.

Existing memorial belts

Belt “Huichol I”

This handcrafted piece was made by Huichol Indians under the leadership of the artist Luis de la Cruz López, who gave life to this mystical piece where I create enigmatic worlds whose protagonists are moons, suns, trees, labyrinths, spirals, mountains and cosmic oceans that are tirelessly expressed in the art, religion and customs of the Huichols.

First of the WBC commemorative belts.

Belt “Huichol II”

The monochromatic piece that has a very special value reflects the heritage of an entire culture that has remained intact through time, which shows us the importance of Huichol symbolism, The chakiras represent for this culture the heart of the deer, the sun, the fire and wind. Luis de la Cruz he worked alongside his brother Sergio, seeking to capture the essence of Mexico Y Kazakhstan, as well as representing the maize cycle a symbolic date for the Huichols.

Belt “Maya I”

The Mayan belt represents the leadership of the jaguar warriors in search of fame in the eyes of Kukulcan, the deity that represents air and water, two of the most fluid elements in nature, like the dance that takes place inside the boxing ring.

This belt has 4 elements on the left side that represent “Warrior”, “Jaguar”, “Leader” and “Fame”; while on the right side is represented Kukulkan. The belt buckle has the Mayan calendar, which was so important that there is evidence of having been used throughout Mesoamerica.

They disputed it Saul Alvarez Y Daniel jacobs on May 4, 2019.

The commemorative belts are beautiful.

Belt “Maya II”

This work of art also recognizes the God Kukulcan also called the Feathered Serpent; However, in this second edition we can observe the movement of the serpent that represents the joys and difficulties in human life.

It was disputed by Tyson Fury and Otto Wallin on September 14, 2019.

Belt “Chiapaneco I”

The “Belt Bats’il Ajaw which means “True Hero”, was designed by Chiapas artisans who in each embroidery sought to print the symbolism of this culture through iconic figures such as the serpent, symbol of the earth and fertility. This first edition was designed in blue where the most representative symbols of this culture predominate.

They disputed it Gennady Golovkin Y Vanes martirosyan on May 5, 2018.

Belt “Chiapaneco II”

The second edition of this sash is named after “Majbanéj-Maya”, Mayan Tzotzil word that means “Mayan Warrior”, its design represents power, strength and courage, the corn symbol of creation, the flower that represents beauty and life and the rhombus as the world. In this version, the color white predominates and details such as corn, jaguar and flowers, predominant symbols of the culture, can be observed.

They disputed it Gennady Golovkin Y Saul Alvarez in his second battle on September 15, 2018.

Unique pieces these commemorative belts.

Belt “Mazahua”

This belt was dedicated to the Heroes of Humanity, as a symbol of recognition for the pandemic that has changed the world that will remember all those who fought with their hearts to save many lives, dignify, give faith and hope to all.

The belt is a piece of folk art from the Mexico state, result of the synergy between design and Mexican embroidery, created by creative hands of Angélica and Lilia Reyes Martínez, who each embroidered one end of the belt.

The colors represent the harmony based on the love and affection of the family, the diversity, the fertility of the valleys; inspiration to protect women’s rights and freedoms; the future, the desire and the drive of young people.

The center of the belt is formed by an obsidian mirror of Teotihuacan like a smoking mirror where you can watch the God Tezcatlipoca, emblem of his warrior dedication, fortress for battle and symbol of night power.

Belt “Otomí”

The Mexico state and the gallery of Rubicó Art gave life to a unique piece embroidered by hand by the artisan Reyna Rayon, which reflects through its colors and symbolisms the most important values ​​of this ethnic group, which are love, family unity, equality, tolerance and opportunities.

An artisan jewel that the gallery of Rubicó Art, complemented with a masterful work with the obsidian stone, this being the heart of the belt.

Belt “Mestizo”

The belt is made with pita, a shiny, fine and resistant fiber that grows in magueys. The artists in charge of making the belt were Vianey Rebeca Flores Martinez Y Raul Perez.

The piece is made with a black woven leather base with a shape similar to that endorsed by the CMB with a circle in the center.

It will be played in the fight between Saul Alvarez against Billy Saunders.

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