Sebastian Vettel does not find the course and criticizes him for his performance

Sebastian Vettel

The year of Sebastian vettel plummets. The German pilot came out of Ferrari after mistreatment by the team and in search of a much better horizon for his future. However, the arrival of the team Aston martin It did not have the expected results and its performance does not find the expected direction. Because of this, criticism rains down on him, and his morale suffers.

In the last hours, several commentators and experts from the Formula 1 they talked about Vettel’s performance in recent weekends. Among them is Gerard bergher. Bergher was Sebastian Vettel’s second crew chief in his early years in Formula 1. That’s why he knows where the four-time champion is.

To remember! this is the Historic Grand Prix of Formula 1

Bergher said that if an improvement in Vettel’s performance is not seen, retirement may be close. “If you are a successful racing driver and you continue to practice your sport with all your experience and passion, you can still be successful. But I know from my own experience that the time will come when you are past your prime. You have to take that into account.

«It is finished»

On the other hand, Jason watt, one of the most experienced pilots in the F3000, did not have half measures regarding the performance of Vettel and assured that his career is finished. Sebastian Vettel is a finished man. He hasn’t done anything good in a long time. Also, he makes a lot of mistakes and seems like a guy under pressure. I’m not convinced it can continue like this, ”Watt said.

“I hope he stays this year as he is probably holding on to the hope that things will start to go his way overnight. People talk about him being an expensive pilot. You also have to take into account that he will have attracted a lot of sponsorship money with him, so it is obvious that he is paying his own salary, “says Watt, according to the medium.

Source: Official Aston Martin Twitter

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