Tremendous: Damon Hill assured that Ayrton Senna would be “horrified” with the Imola Circuit

Ayrton Senna

Tracing Imola It is one of the most famous in the motor world. The most exciting races in recent years took place there, and this Sunday was one of them. However, the ex-driver and 1996 World Champion, Damon Hill he didn’t like it too much. According to his words, Ayrton senna I know “Would horrify»With circuit design Enzo and Dino Ferrari.

The Italian circuit hosted one of the most dire Grand Prix in history. On 1994, so much Roland ratzemberger like Ayrton Senna, they lost their lives in very strong accidents. These accidents caused several modifications to the circuit, such as the curve Tamburello, where Senna lost her life in her accident.

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Despite these changes, which favored the safety of the circuit, Damon Hill he thinks Senna himself would not agree. This is why the ex-driver ensures this layout does not favor the spectacle in Formula 1, since it makes the drivers shine. Hill spoke on the F1 Nation podcast and explained his stance on the circuit drawing.


“The clue showed that everyone was vulnerable. We saw a lot of bugs. But I think we have lost a bit of difficulty. The drivers were trapped by the difficulty of the track, and I think that can be extrapolated to the reaction of George Russell after discovering that it is not so easy to overtake on a wet inland track at 200 miles per hour, “said Hill.

Hill assures that the changes after the fatal accidents, the changes did not help the circuit. Sorry to say, but the track was changed after ’94 and although we can’t say for sure, I think if Roland and Ayrton could come back today, they would be horrified by the changes because I think they realized that the challenge of the Formula 1 it is also the risk and the difficulty, and perhaps the penalty for mistakes, “declared the 1996 Champion.

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