Workshops (Córdoba) vs. Emelec – Match Report – April 22, 2021

Workshops (Córdoba) vs.  Emelec - Match Report - April 22, 2021

(EFE) – Emelec, who fell 1-0 in Argentina against Talleres, in his debut in Group G of the South American Cup due to a goal by Franco Fragapane, recovered in the second half and turned it around in five minutes with goals from Uruguayans Sebastián Rodríguez, from a penalty, and Facundo Barceló to win 2-1 in their debut.

Fragapane scored in the 39th minute, Rodríguez in the 73rd minute and Barceló in the 78th minute.

The intensity and fierceness with which the game began was reflected in the number of cards: five players, two from Talleres and three from Emelec, saw the yellow card in the first 17 minutes.

The first half hour was played almost entirely in the center of the field and neither team managed to disturb the rival goalkeeper.

In the 39th minute Fragapane scored 1-0 after a very good team move that included an overflow on the right and a precise assist from Colombian striker Diego Valoyes.

As soon as the second half started, the Brazilian Talleres midfielder Guilherme Parede had to be replaced due to injury.

Despite going up on the scoreboard, those led by Uruguayan Alexander ‘el Cacique’ Medina, who played for Cádiz and Racing de Ferrol, continued to attack the visitors and were very close to scoring the second goal.

But Federico Navarro committed a penalty by touching the ball with his hand in his area and complicated the locals. Captain Sebastián Rodríguez changed it for a goal with a strong shot to the upper right corner of the goalkeeper in the 73rd minute.

Five minutes later, another Uruguayan, Facundo Barceló, put the final 1-2 after a good run down the right by Romario Caicedo.

The Cordobans came out determined to seek the tie but collided with the firm defense of the Ecuadorians, who had three clear counterattacks that could have ended in a goal.

Talleres and Emelec share Group G with the Colombian Deportes Tolima and the Brazilian Bragantino, who will meet tonight.

On the second day, Talleres will visit Deportes Tolima and Emelec will receive the Brazilians.

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