A World Champion gave a tremendous stick to Valtteri Bottas: “It’s too slow”

Valtteri Bottas

After the last weekend, the critics do not stop falling on the side of Valtteri Bottas. Although George Russell He was also involved in the accident that left them out of the Imola Grand Prix, it seems that the pilot of Williams comes out unscathed from words. This time it was the turn of Jacques villeneuve, World Champion of the year 1997: «It is too slow» launched.

On the German portal F-1Insider, the ex-Canadian pilot launched a serious criticism of the Finn. In his words, Bottas intentionally closed Russell’s path, as he did not want ‘his future successor’ to pass him by with a clearly inferior car. In addition, he criticized Toto wolff, team leader Mercedes, for blaming Russell for the accident.

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“I don’t understand Toto Wolff very well. Why do you blame Russell? Bottas knew perfectly well that his potential successor was about to overtake him and he risked a serious accident with his little move to the right. You should not do that in those difficult track conditions, “said the former Williams driver and Champion of the Formula 1.

“It’s too slow”

On the other hand, the Canadian was not silent. After commenting on the fault of the accident, he added that Valtteri Bottas no longer has enough performance to drive a car like Mercedes. In his words, Bottas is ‘too slow’ and compared it to the performance of Sergio perez, who has already run two races with Red bull.

«This shows how much I have Bottas already in the second race of the season. And that is not going to get better. Because it is simply too slow. If it weren’t, he wouldn’t have had to defend his position so harshly against a Williams. Pérez is the newcomer to the Red Bull team and yet he is already stronger than Bottas, who is in his fifth season with Mercedes, “he said.

Source: Official Twitter Valtteri Bottas

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