Elche vs. Levante – Match Report – April 24, 2021

Elche vs.  Levante - Match Report - April 24, 2021

(EFE) – A goal from Argentine striker Lucas Boyé in the first half allows Elche to break their poor results dynamics and stay alive in the fight for permanence against a listless Levante, which confirmed their bad moment of play and results.

The team from Elche came up perfectly with the plan envisaged by their coach, since they gave the initiative of the game to Levante, always maintained the defensive order and knew how to wait for an error from the rival to get ahead on the scoreboard and manage their advantage with sacrifice.

Elche, despite being much more in need of points than their rival, gave the initiative of the game to Levante, who comfortably dominated possession but barely had depth in their game.

The Elche team, with Boyé as an offensive reference, chose to join lines, not make mistakes and wait for their moment to look for the goal of an excessively relaxed rival.

The plan worked out perfectly for Elche half an hour into the game, when Lucas Boyé took advantage of a defensive indecision and a slip from Vezo to beat Aitor with a cross shot.

The goal finally woke up Levante, who finally found De Frutos and Morales, their wing players. Paco López’s team completely dominated possession, but could only generate some danger in a shot by Morales that Gazzaniga caught without problems.

Elche, before the break, had their option to double the advantage in a free-kick by Fidel that the Levantine goalkeeper caught.

All the offensive activity that was not in the first part appeared in the first moments of the second. An error by Dani Calvo, after his team’s throw-off, was about to be penalized by Morales.

Moments later, Piatti saw how the referee canceled a great goal for clear offside. Paco López, unhappy with the game, made a triple change, bringing in Son, Melero and Dani Gómez, to make his team react.

Levante increased the speed of their game and improved their performance against Elche retracted, waiting for a counterattack to sentence.

The team from Elche had their great chance in a header from Tete Morente, after a great center from Fidel, who crashed into the post when Aitor was already beaten.

In the 73rd minute there was a key play, since the referee Medié Jiménez annulled at the request of the VAR the expulsion by a direct red of Vezo, who had knocked down Piatti when the Argentine was about to face Aitor, having touched the ball with his foot at the start of the play.

Shortly after, Dani Gómez’s injury, after a collision with goalkeeper Gazzaniga, left Levante, with the five changes already made, in inferiority, a situation that Elche took advantage of to defend three gold points in the fight for permanence. .

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