Hurricane vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – April 24, 2021

Hurricane vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - April 24, 2021

Boca beat Huracán 2-0 at the Ducó and established itself in the qualifying phase of Zone 2 of the Professional League Cup, two dates from the end of the regular round.

Xeneize maintains second place in the table with 19 points, behind Velez, and beyond the pending results of the other teams fighting for a place in the top four, it was close to the quarterfinals.

The next matches will be against Lanús, at home, a direct rival, and Patronato, already out of the competition for the passage to the next round.

The goals of the match were from Franco Soldano, eight minutes into the second half, and Gonzalo Maroni, already at the end of the match.

The first half did not leave much to stand out. Few arrivals in the arches and archers who were almost spectators.

Huracán, attentive to the mobility shown by Boca’s youth midfield, made up of Varela, Medina and Almendra, pressed well in that sector of the court and did not give the boys of Xeneize spaces.

Few times they were able to connect to reach the rival goal fluently. Tevez was down a lot, Soldano was offline and Villa, well marked.

The best of Boca in that first half was a combination between Villa and Fabra, which resulted in a center that no one could connect.

A minute earlier, a failed exit by Rossi was close to leaving Huracán within a shot of the first goal, but the Globo’s final header (after a rejection by Varela) was deflected.

Briasco was one of the best in the venue in the first half, while Villa, on Boca’s side, was the one he was looking for the most.

Just Villa was important in the opening of the scoreboard. Jara (entered for Varela, who was booked and could be sent off for a double yellow) cut a ball in midfield, it was yielded to Medina, and this to Tevez.

The Apache gave the pass to Villa, who took a great shot that goalkeeper Meza covered with a rebound. The ball was left to Soldano, who entered as nine from the area, which has been asked of him, scored the 1 to 0.

Boca did not go through many shocks in the second half, and gained confidence with the result in favor. The clearest of the Globe was a center to the area that Mendoza headed wide, at 42 minutes.

But the xeneize handled the ball with intelligence, and at the end the entered Maroni, after a side of Fabra and with the Globe played in attack, sealed the 2-0.

As important data to take into account is the return of Cristian Pavón, who returned to play in the xeneize (he joined Villa) after almost two years, after his time in MLS.

A piece that if it recovers the level and has a roll can give it speed and alternatives to the attack.

The truth is that the xeneize was happy for the victory, the third in a row adding the Libertadores.
He is already thinking about Santos, about recovering the injured and infected by Covid, and he looks optimistically at the future both in the League Cup and in the Libertadores.

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