They lit the preview! The champions and the hottest head-to-head matches at UFC 261

UFC 261.

The UFC 261 arrives with everything this Saturday night, with three titles in games and several impressive matches of MMA. Therefore, in the previous one, the face to face already left a lot to talk about. There, the three champions who expose their belts faced each other against the contenders, those who want to stay precisely with the crown of those divisions. Without a doubt, one of the best evenings in history.

The Polish is confident

In the UFC 261 of this saturday, the champion Valentina shevchenko wants to defend his sharp belt. Her rival will be the Brazilian Jessica andrade, who will seek to keep the title of the division. After confirming the news that revolutionized the fans of Mixed Martial Arts, the queen herself was very confident. That being the case, in these hours, he left interesting phrases to further raise expectations.

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In the previous one, Shevchenko he dictated, “I really like this type of opponent. I like that kind of opponent when they meet you like ‘I’m here!’ I really like this style of challengers. I am very excited. Because I have a clearer goal. I don’t have to find a clean place, just run to me. I will be ready. I know she is strong. She is going to be powerful. She is going to try to hit wild with punches and I have to be prepared.

An attractive fight

The confrontation between Zhang Weili Y Rose namajunas has given something to talk about, which will be for the title and raises expectations. In that sense, the champion (21-1 MMA, 5-0 UFC) will have to face the North American (9-4 MMA, 7-3 UFC), trying to defend once again her women’s flyweight belt. In this way, both arrive with the illusion through the clouds and promise one of the best shows.

Understanding the above, Namajunas expressed: «I do not hate Weili or anything like that, but I feel like I have a lot to fight for in this fight and what she represents. I was alone, I was just trying to remind myself of my background and all the places I come from and my family and all that. I am ready, I have trained very hard to win this battle. It is a very big motivation for me ».

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