Will it reach the title again? Chris Weidman looks forward to dominant victory at UFC 261

Chris Weidman.

Chris Weidman, former Middleweight Champion of UFC, returns to action this Saturday and excites the fans. The American will face a challenge more than hard, when he meets Uriah Hall, who has just retired Anderson Silva. All of this will occur in the UFC 261, the one that is taking place at this time, where there will be precisely three titles at stake. In the previous one, the veteran admitted that he is ready for whatever comes.

Being so, Weidman He started by saying, ‘I think this is a great fight. It is a good opportunity for me to show my skills against an athletic forward. As it happens, the champion in our weight class is an athletic striker, Israel Adesanya, so I just want to show a little blueprint of what would happen if I fight Israel. There’s more to this fight than me and Uriah Hall. I really want to make a statement in this fight.

Exciting! UFC historic Chris Weidman returns to the Octagon this Saturday

“I see myself coming out and completely dominating Uriah Hall. Making a great statement. Letting people know that I am still here, only some people may have forgotten that I am a problem. He was the striker, I was the fighter. Everyone who knew him thought he was unbeatable. Everyone who knew me thought I was invincible, “said the American.

Goes for everything

At the same time, Chris He commented: «We went out and everyone felt that I was going to have to take him to the ground, I was only going to overcome him in the fight and dominate him on the ground if he was to win. People thought that if I kept it up, it would knock me out. Ironically, I ended up knocking him out with the left hook, the same left hook that he knocked out Anderson Silva with. I still think that Israel Adesanya is a great fighter, a great stand-up, a great distance control, his feints are great, he is a great chess player standing with confidence.

“I really want to make a statement in this fight that a guy like Israel Adesanya, I’m cut out to beat guys like that. I really am. It’s another Anderson Silva in my opinion. He’s a younger Anderson Silva. Israel is very good with its blows, it is very fast, but its weakness is that it is not that strong. I’ll grab him and he’ll feel Blachowicz grab him. If you add my jiu-jitsu with my wrestling, it’s fun, “he concluded. Chris Weidman.

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