Conor McGregor’s last: he buys the pub where he beat a man and forbids him to enter

Conor McGregor.

In these hours, the star of UFC, Conor mcgregor, went viral again for the purchase of a bar. The former Irish champion was awarded a local alcoholic beverages, where he just does not have good memories. Understanding the purchasing power he has, thanks to his fame in Mixed Martial Arts, the extraordinary fighter took on a new family investment.

The latest madness of this legendary fighter was precisely buying the bar in which he beat a man in 2019, who filed charges and left the Irishman complicated in front of justice. After it did not pass to greater and Conor Just get a scare, he finally returned to that site and put in a resounding sum of money to leave it under his power. Now, he has another company under his name.

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The aforementioned incident happened two years ago, when a man who came to the Marble Arch Pub refused to have a drink of the whiskey from Mcgregor, which made him react. It was precisely for this reason that the Irishman gave him a powerful and unexpected punch. As expected, the images later went viral, being Conor the center of criticism all this time.

After everything mentioned before, Mcgregor Not only has he taken over the business premises, but he went further. When everything came to light on social networks, “The Notorious” did not miss the opportunity to announce that the attacked in 2019 and all those who defended him, will no longer be able to enter. Now, under his power, they are banned from the Marble Arch Pub.

Want to keep doing business

It should be noted that this is the second place to buy Conor mcgregor in the aforementioned area, knowing that the latter paid between 1.5 and 2 million euros. All this happened on the same days that he announced that he plans to buy Manchester United. The British took advantage of the moment when the CEO of the entity announced his resignation from the position, thanks to the crisis caused by the birth of the European Super League.

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