Could it be him? Colby Covington wants to be the one who can take the crown from Kamaru Usman

Colby Covington.

A few days ago, Dana White confirmed that Colby covington will be the one who meets Kamaru usman in what follows. In what will be the Nigerian’s next defense, the American is already preparing for a rematch and analyzing how he can take the crown from the king. He knows that it will not be easy, especially remembering how it was in the first fight between them. Therefore, he left several interesting phrases.

After what Usman he knocked out Jorge Masvidal this Saturday, Covington He started by saying: «It took me eight minutes longer than I finished with Jorge Masvidal every time we trained. That guy is a day laborer. What does he have: 15, 20 losses on his record? You shouldn’t be happy or praising yourself for hitting a day laborer like that. There is a reason why he is a traitor. He is a Judas of the street. He is a tramp.

He blew his head off! Kamaru Usman and a knockout from another planet against Jorge Masvidal

“If he lost the next 12 fights in a row, he would still have a better record than day laborer Masvidal. He definitely knew it was a possibility because he poses the threat of a takedown. That’s what Masvidal was concerned about. He was worried about the takedown. He didn’t want to be torn down and spent. So he worries that they will knock him down and, boom, he hits him with the right, “he also highlighted.

Can you get it?

At the same time, Colby commented: ‘Hands down, trying to defend the takedown. He knew it was a possibility. It’s a different style showdown when I fight ‘Marty’. He knows he can’t bring me down. I’m going to take him to deep water. I’m going to tear it down and finish it. Next time there will be no more false shots. Now I have new coaches. I have a new team behind me. Before, there was so much drama in my old gym.

‘People were yelling at me. I couldn’t get my training time. Now, I have Daniel Valverde and Cesar Carneiro at MMA Masters. We are improving every day. My hit is on another level. What has to be different is that I have to put a faster pace on it next time. I didn’t put enough pace on it last time and just kept my hands up. I know that I will raise my hand when I fight with him, “he said. Colby covington.

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