Crazy! Conor McGregor wants to fight Kamaru Usman for the 170-pound belt

Conor McGregor.

After what was the UFC 261, Conor mcgregor He left a strong message on social networks. The former Lightweight and Welterweight champion of the company fired at Kamaru usman, who spectacularly knocked out Jorge Masvidal this Saturday night. Being that way, fans began to get excited about a possible cross between the two soon.

Initially, Mcgregor acknowledged the following in this regard: «Usman even copy my shots now. Am I going to fight this guy at some point? I think so. I can’t copy my words and my shots and not get hit for it. I like 170. It’s mine soon. In that way, he began to leave hints of what he wants for his near future, although it could be in 2022.

In plans? Jake Paul says he’s close to convincing Conor McGregor

I’m one block away from 170 guys. Give me until the end of the year with this weight of 155. I’ll take the leash and then go back up. After the green mushroom panties hahaha “because any of these fools can get it,” he concluded. Conor. There is no doubt that the Irishman is capable of achieving what he plans, although it would not be easy against the Nigerian champion.

The king pound for pound

In the most anticipated of UFC 261, Kamaru usman He put out an impressive hand and knocked out Jorge Masvidal in the Jacksonville cage. The Nigerian Welterweight Champion proved that he is the best fighter of the moment, leaving in doubt if there really is someone who can beat him. In the revenge against who seemed to be the one who could take the crown, he sentenced the history between them.

What’s next for McGregor

Without a doubt, the trilogy between Dustin Poirier and Conor mcgregor It is red hot, which will be in the month of July of this 2021. Although both were very fought these days, in fact the fight had been canceled, Dana White quickly intervened so that the fight finally takes place. Therefore, now the Irishman will have to speak inside the cage, if he wants to regain the title.

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