Exciting! The moment when Rose Namajunas receives the belt and explodes in tears

Rose Namajunas.

Without a doubt, the UFC 261 It was a night more than magnificent and dreamed for Rose namajunas. The extraordinary American fighter managed to once again take the belt of the most important MMA company in the world. She broke all odds, defeating a fighter who came to Jacksonville with 21 consecutive victories. Therefore, it was at the top.

The contest began with great power from both sides, with several kicks from the Chinese and some accurate blows from the American. In a few seconds, Namajunas (9-4 MMA, 7-3 UFC) was able to connect with a surgical left kick to the chin of Zhang (21-1 MMA, 5-0 UFC), who collapsed to the canvas. Automatically, Rose threw herself over her opponent and finished putting her to sleep to go home with the belt.

Spectacular! Rose Namajunas impressively knocked out Weili Zhang and is new champion

Anyway, the most exciting thing came after the gigantic kick that he was able to apply. Automatically, Namajunas He jumped into the cage and began to show his happiness. Already with the story of Bruce Buffer and Dana White placing the belt on her body, Rose could not bear the crying and exploded in a sea of ​​tears. Of course, it was the most exciting fight of the night.

The happiness of Namajunas

When the awesome war ended, Rose He reported: “I did it again. God did it, you have to have faith. I am the best, there is no doubt about that. I wasn’t really sure if she was going to come back, so I went and threw a couple more hammers at her. Everything they were saying in the media, that’s not me. I respect all fighters and all countries. This is really impressive to me.

«I want to start building different Mixed Martial Arts gyms in the world. I know I am the best and I took back what was mine. I’m sure I’ll defend it against anyone. Now I just want to enjoy and have it with me and my family, “he concluded Namajunas. As it could happen, the extraordinary American fighter surprised the world of MMA with this spectacular knockout.

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