Jorge Capetillo reveals the talk between Andy Ruíz and Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruíz, Tyson Fury y Jorge Capetillo

Jorge Capetillo revealed the conversation they had Andy Ruiz Y Tyson fury, at the charity event that took place last week in The Vegas, Nevada.

“It was a very special moment, Andy Ruiz was inspired by the return of Tyson Y Fury believes that Andy he has great ability inside the ring ”, he commented Capetillo to Sky Sports the first-time meeting between both fighters.

During the event, the two talked about how they dealt with their mental and health issues by reaching the top of world boxing in the heavyweight division.

Both moved those present by discussing how they overcame circumstances in search of returning to the elite.

Tyson reminded him of Andy that he was the first to beat (Anthony) Joshua and that he would now be accompanying him with that honor, “he said. Capetillo. “He already beat him so he already knows and he constantly told him. Fury“.

On the Mexican’s response, Jorge said go to Fury with great chances of beating Joshua in the fight that could be held in June or July.

Andy really think that Tyson is going to destroy Joshua, who has a big heart, greater intelligence and is the most skilled of the two, “he added.

Andy Ruiz prepares to fight next week against Chris arreola on his return, after losing with Anthony Joshua in the revenge for the heavy belts of the IBF, OMB Y AMB.

While Fury is working on its preparation in the absence of the official announcement of the unification of the division with AJ.

Inspiration for others

Finally, Capetillo was moved by the actions of Fury Y Ruiz, who was applauded for their great attitude and camaraderie during the event in which they gave toys and food to the community.

“It was something very special, Tyson and Andy they gave a great event ”, he mentioned. “It was amazing to see people touched by the kindness of both. They talked about mental health, their experience at the top and it was really very inspiring for everyone present. “

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