Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur – Match Report – April 25, 2021

Manchester City vs.  Tottenham Hotspur - Match Report - April 25, 2021

(EFE) – Tottenham Hotspur will continue without knowing what it means to be successful for another season. The League Cup, their chance to redeem themselves 13 years later was taken away when a header from Aymeric Laporte sent the trophy to the insatiable record of Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City (1-0).

José Mourinho will smile from his home, fired five days before the final, while his former team fell without many honors at Wembley, where 8,000 people – a record in English football since the pandemic – attended the coronation for the fourth consecutive year of City in the League Cup, Guardiola’s fetish tournament.

And it is that Tottenham died without almost showing his face. They proposed the same defensive game that Chelsea did a week ago to eliminate City in the FA Cup semifinals. But using many more risks behind, because Ryan Mason’s team defends much worse than Tuchel’s and has a much midfield. less dominant.

That is why there were many occasions for Guardiola’s men. They were able to get ahead many times, with shots from Mahrez, with leaks from Sterling, even with a shot from Foden that saved Alderweireld with such good luck for him that his rebound went to the post.

The ‘Spurs’ survived almost without knowing how. They survived against the yoke of City, which did not even have to worry about counterattacks, since Harry Kane exerted a threat above, barely accompanied by a Heung-min Son who did not come into contact with the ball throughout the game.

It was a matter of time before the goal fell, because Tottenham was satisfied from minute 1 with extra time or penalties. With the whole team behind, the set piece was the key to unravel the ‘Spurs’ wall. A corner kick by De Bruyne, already recovered from his ankle injury, headed him between two Aymeric Laporte players with five minutes remaining. Hojbjerg hung his head knowing his options were just gone

There the resistance of Mason’s men died, who had given in a few minutes before to Gareth Bale to try to take advantage of his speed to the race, without success, like the rest of the team. Mason, in his second game on the bench, could not achieve the coveted title either.

One more for Guardiola’s record, who has already accumulated 25 great titles and is laying the first stone for the triplet. They lack the Premier League, which will eventually materialize, and the always complicated Champions League.

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