Maximum alert! Valteri Bottas warns Mercedes for the championship: “Winning will be difficult”

Valtteri Bottas

The start of the 2021 season for the team Mercedes it was different from the rest. After several years dominating with great ease the Championship, the team Red bull took a great leap in quality. The victory obtained in the first Grand Prix, and the second place of a week ago does not seem to convince the Germans. That is why Valtteri Bottas already warns your team: “Winning is going to be difficult”.

Bottas faced the 2021 season with a different mentality. The Finn had just been beaten year after year by his teammate, Lewis hamilton. That is why I wanted to change the face for this year. However, he was third in the inaugural race in Bahrain, and in Imola he had a very bad accident with George Russell in which he had no choice but to leave.

Accident, hit and insults in Formula 1: the hard cross between Russell and Bottas

Following these results, Bottas warned his team about what is to come for this season. The Finn assures that it will be difficult to dominate the championship, considering the enormous step forward that most of the teams, such as Red Bull, took. The Austrians were one step ahead of Mercedes, and could even have won two victories had it not been for a decision by the sports commissioners in Bahrain.


“Seeing how everything started, winning a race is going to be difficult. You are seeing big changes in performance from track to track, so I don’t see any team dominating this year, ”said Bottas, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca. On the other hand, the Finn adds that they are still in time to be able to recover the lost ground with respect to Red Bull.

«23 races are too many to be able to learn from our car, and we also need to be more efficient than the rest of the teams. We are clear that Red Bull develops its car well as the season progresses, but we have to find the key to have more rhythm than them. I still believe that we can reach them. We have more potential.

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