River Plate vs. San Lorenzo – Party Report – April 25, 2021

River Plate vs.  San Lorenzo - Party Report - April 25, 2021

The classic was for San Lorenzo: the Cyclone defeated River 2 to 1 in the Monumental and caught on in the classification to the quarterfinals of Zone 2 of the Professional League Cup.

Thus, River remains second by goal difference with 18 points, the same as San Lorenzo and Racing. Students (16) and Central (15) will play this Sunday from 9 pm and they are excited. Colón, who lost to the Academy, is the leader with 21 points.

The start of the first half was very intense. San Lorenzo came out determined to play as equals and put the back of the premises in trouble.

After three minutes Uvita Fernández, one of the most active in the first half, took a cross shot that went near Armani’s far post.

Oscar Romero had his chance almost immediately, but his shot was rejected just by a great cross from Montiel.

River responded with two heads from Martínez and Alvarez, but the Cyclone was approaching with the clearest. Uvita had it again but Armani took the goal from him, until after 15 minutes it reached 1 to 0.

Enzo Pérez wanted to pass the ball to the goalkeeper, but did not look back, where only Uvita was. The forward this time took advantage of the unexpected opportunity and defined a crusader before the departure of Armani to open the scoring.

River gradually recovered from the blow and began to dominate. And from the 25th minute he cornered San Lorenzo, who almost did not pass half the court. If the first half did not end tied, it was because of Torrico and the lack of precision of the millionaires.

The veteran goalkeeper twice took the goal hand-in-hand from Borré, and then Díaz and Martínez lost it head-on; later Carrascal, who had entered for Angileri, injured, finished off almost to the edge of the small area.

In the second half it seemed that River would maintain the same intensity from the beginning. But at six minutes a against the Cyclone ended in the 2 to 0 marked by Jalil Elías, after a pass from Angel Romero that remained behind the wheel after Uvita Fernández could not connect.

River suffered that blow, but for a while nothing more. With the passing of the minutes he returned to corner the adversary. And again, it was Torrico who kept Boedo’s men alive.

Twice against De la Cruz, covering a heads-up and deflecting a shot from afar, he prevented the discount.

Girotti’s entry gave River more presence in the area. The youth, after a center from the left, scored the 2 to 1 part. It was 29 minutes and there was a long way to go.

River was looking for and pressuring a San Lorenzo that was defending closer and closer to his goal. Girotti’s head, after a Paradela cross, had the equalizer, but the crossbar denied him.

Despite the insistence since the scoring was open until the end, River could not change the story and left empty-handed.

It was not the best match for Gallardo’s team, which largely due to Torrico, and also due to the lack of clarity shown when defining, was left without three points that would have given him the classification to the quarterfinals.

Despite the defeat, River can be satisfied: playing well or badly, the idea is clear.

San Lorenzo added more than three points. On the one hand, the triumph serves to settle into the table. On the other, to leave behind the ghosts that reappeared in the week, after the fall in Copa Sudamericana against Huachipato.

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