Vaquero Navarrete successfully defends belt in a war against Smurf Díaz

Emanuel "Vaquero" Navarrete

Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete made the first successful defense of the featherweight belt of the OMB by knocking out for the first time in his career Christopher “Smurf” Díaz in round 12, in a fight that was a war and the two exchanged everything they had.

The Mexican was very elusive throughout the 12 rounds, while the Puerto Rican went forward most of the fight, seeking to shorten the distance with a big heart and hitting several power shots, though they were never seen to get the Vaquero in trouble.

From the opening bell, Navarrete He sought not to become a fixed target and the left uppers were the ones who began to open the way to victory against an insistent Puerto Rican and who tried to put him in trouble. Emanuel, but that their attempts were futile.

For the fourth round, Navarrete He landed a left uppercut straight to the chin of the boxer from the Island of the charm who sent him to the canvas, but managed to get up and responded to the attacks of the Mexican boxer.

Smurf Diaz continued to go forward and landed a few power shots, but was never in trouble when Cowboy that, although he no longer had the mobility of the initial episodes, he continued to control the ring.

Again in the eighth round, Diaz visited the canvas after a great combination of Navarrete in which once again the upper left opened the way and a hook to the liver knocked the Puerto Rican down.

Road to KO

And aware that he was down in the cards due to the two falls and that the referee took a point from him in the fourth round for hitting the Mexican on the back, the Smurf He came out wanting to knock out the Mexican, but his fists never got him in trouble.

The cowboy managed to control Christopher and his attacks in the last three chapters, although, yes, he had some good impacts.

In the last one, with the two exchanging in a very entertaining fight, after Emanuel knocked him down again and Diaz He got up, with 21 seconds to go, the Puerto Rican corner decided to end the confrontation for Navarrete to win the official time of 2:49.

With this, Emanuel Navarrete improved to 33-1 (28 via knockout) and Christopher Diaz He was 26-3.

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