Vasyl Lomachenko returns on June 26 against Masayoshi Nakatani

Vasyl Lomachenko y Masayoshi Nakatani

Vasyl Lomachenko will return to action on June 26 against the Japanese Masayoshi Nakatani, in a combat agreed to 12 rounds, in The Vegas, Nevada.

Although Lomachenko has already made the announcement official on its social networks, it is expected that Top rank make the confirmation of what was the dominant card of the division of the light ones.

Knoll will return after losing to Teofimo Lopez their scepters of the OMB, IBF Y AMB, leaving the fighter of Honduran origin as number one in October 2020.

Despite speculation of a rematch against Lopez, the three-time world champion in different divisions saw his intentions stopped by Theophimus, who has officially said that he does not want to fight the Ukrainian again because he would beat him again.

Between the fury of Lopez that caused his break with Top Rank, noted that Knoll did not include a rematch clause.

“They were all bad milk with me and my father. They did not want to put a rematch clause in our contract, “he said. Theophimus to Fight Hub in January of this year. “There were a lot of things, I could really talk about all the dirt, but I won’t. I’m going to look the other way, and look for bigger and better things ”.

Lomachenko fought with a right shoulder injury before Theophimus and subsequently had to undergo a series of operations before returning to training in days gone by with an eye on his return.

The fight could dictate the future of the division for the next few months and, if in the end the speculation about the upgrade of López is fulfilled, Lomachenko could once again have the opportunity within reach to recover at least some of his belts that would remain vacant for the next year.

Nakatani’s last rivals

For its part, Nakatani maintains a record of 19 -1, which also occurred before Teofimo Lopez in June 2019 by cards of 118-110, 118-110 and 119-109.

In his last fight he went to the canvas in the first and fourth innings, but finally defeated by knockout Felix Verdejo after sending him to the canvas twice in the ninth round.

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