Villarreal vs. Barcelona – Match Report – April 25, 2021

Villarreal vs.  Barcelona - Match Report - April 25, 2021

CASTELLÓN (Jordi Blanco, correspondent) – Barcelona saved another ‘final’ in their La Liga career by adding a new momentous victory at Villarreal (1-2) that prolonged their dream of winning the championship. He enjoyed, comeback included, an exceptional first half in which he was able to sentence the game and knew how to suffer in the second, when Villarreal pressed the most in search of a draw that he caressed on some occasion, relaunched by the lack of success facing the goal of a rival who could have sentenced him long before and who passed, after all, from exhibition to suffering. With final prize.

Happiness has been imposed on Barça. He no longer plays stiff, nervous and imprecise, but goes to the grass convinced of himself and understanding, without dissimulation, that it is through the ball that he must impose his superiority on the rival. Villarreal wanted to stand up to him and, getting to advance on the scoreboard, he could suspect that he was breaking a streak of 25 games that the Barça team has not beaten, but Griezmann, without time for Emery’s team to enjoy their advantage, put things back in their place. .

He won by clenching his teeth after having subjected the rival to a real subjection during the first half. Already at six minutes Albiol cut, with his knee, a shot from Griezmann and Asenjo, at a quarter of an hour, saved a sung goal from De Jong, responding shortly after to a howitzer from Messi.

The never-forgotten defensive oversight, added to Jordi Alba’s fatal slip, gave wings to Chukwueze’s career to achieve 1-0 in an excellent play that, at another time, could arouse doubt … But immediately a long assist de Mingueza turned it into superb Vaseline Griezmann to equalize and replaced the dominance arrived, shortly after the 1-2 thanks to the blunder of Juan Foyth who turned a loan to the goalkeeper into a deadly assist for Griezmann’s shot on goal … that He already has 13 goals since the beginning of the year …


From the exhibition went to suffering in the second half, Barça, ahead on the scoreboard, superior in the game but unable to transfer its soccer dominance to a more bulky scoreboard. It gave air, almost accidentally, to Villarreal and the yellow team was able to avoid defeat.

It touched the tie at game time, when Ter Stegen saved a close-range shot under the sticks, and understood that despite Trigueros’ expulsion, just because of his very hard tackle on Messi, he had to recover the pampering of the ball so as not to be overwhelmed unnecessary, searching for a reassuring 1-3 that Dembélé touched first and more

late De Jong, who went from omnipresent in the first half to dark secondary in the second.

He went up with all of Villarreal until the last breath, relaunched by the forgiveness of the rival and looking for the tie by all means … but this did not arrive to end up confirming the victory of a Barça that continues to be launched in its career by the League

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