Went mad! Dana White exploded over the confrontation between Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier

Dana White.

East UFC 261 had spectacular moments, although Dana White he was unhappy with one in particular. Despite having seen magnificent knockouts, fractures, submissions, injuries and more, the President of the company stopped for a moment to discuss the tense crossover between Jake paul Y Daniel cormier. The youtuber was rebuked by the two-time world champion in the middle of the event.

Starting with your words, White summarized the following about it: “Good for him, he has you talking about him all the time, asking questions about him, he has Daniel cormier running after him so he’s doing something right. He knocked out an NBA player who was 40 years old and weighed 30 pounds less than him and I don’t even know what to think about Askren and what happened there. “

Unusual! Daniel Cormier and Jake Paul almost finished punching in the middle of UFC 261

“The whole thing is fucking mind-blowing to me, but good for him, grab that money while you can joke around,” he continued. Also, when asked by a journalist whether he would actually do business with Jake paulThe president was forceful, he replied: «The numbers are there. Are the numbers there? No, I don’t know if the numbers are there. That way, he didn’t dismiss the question.

Does not accept what happened

Do you even know what would happen to this guy? He’s not fighting in the UFC. You’re making me talk about this damn guy again! You’re getting handpicked opponents and God knows what else is going on with this whole fucking thing. There is a market for that. That is not what I do. People want to see that, this kid is going to make a couple of bucks before this trip ends, and it’s not what I do, “Dana deepened.

To close, Dana WhiteHe stated: ‘And the numbers you hear they did are full of shit, they’re full of shit. They didn’t pull out those kinds of numbers at all, they didn’t even come close. I don’t believe anything they say, that’s a fucking circus. None of that is real. Do you think any of that shit going on there is real? Come on man. I built a real business here, a real sport. That is a freak show.

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