Andy Ruiz explains what he has felt differently in sparring training with Eddy Reynoso

Canelo Álvarez, Eddy Reynoso y Andy Ruíz

The fighter Andy ruiz talked about the differences he has noticed and felt in training with him Canelo Team, specifically with the jobs that you have given Eddy Reynoso.

“It feels good. You know, I have the ability that I never thought I had. I can swing and weave, I can duck more, I can dodge blows. The speed that I always had, you know, but the skill that they are showing me and teaching me are things that I couldn’t do before. It feels amazing, “he said in an interview with Fight Hub TV.

‘Destroyer’ He noted that he has been pleasantly surprised since he made the decision to change coach and be consistent in the exercises.

“I had to strengthen my legs to be able to move like this. I never knew that I could box, that I could dodge punches, and sparring with people who were already doing it, and who have told me that I look different and that it is more difficult to hit. This is for hard work and dedication, it wasn’t just me, they were Eddy Y Canelo they showed me so many things, “he explained.

Andy Ruiz and his right decision

Andy ruiz sent a message to Canelo, after being brutally dethroned by Anthony Joshua.

“That day I was thinking so clearly and I thought ‘you know what, I’m going to send a message to Canelo‘. I sent it to him telling him that I was tired of the way I was living, what I was doing. He told me it’s fine and he sent me a message ”, argued the boxer.

And then the second contact he had with his current coach, Eddy reinoso, who practically read him the primer, but making it clear that he had tremendous qualities.

“The first thing he said to me Eddy it was that they knew the potential I had, but if I stopped at their gym I was going to have to be disciplined and give 110 percent. And I replied that I would do anything and everything necessary, “he added.

Andy Ruiz is there.  very grateful to Eddy Reynoso.

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