Hearn responds to questions from Saunders about the fight judges against Canelo

Billy Joe Saunders, Canelo Álvarez y Eddie Hearn

Eddie hearn, President of Matchroom, spoke in detail about how the judges selection process is like, after Billy Joe Saunders express concern about it for his fight against Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez next May 8th.

“Maybe the problem is when we originally discussed the fight, we talked about a British judge, a Mexican judge and a neutral judge,” said the promoter for iFL TV. “Now we will have three neutral judges, but the contract that Billy joe signed it made it clear that there is no Mexican (judge), no British (judge), neutral judges ”.

The Texas Combative Sports Program, which is the one that will regulate the boxing contest in the state, will be the one who chooses the judges for the confrontation in the AT&T Stadium, on Arlington, Texas.

“They will have the opportunity (Canelo Y Saunders) to see those judges and if they have an objection, they can do it through the commission, “he said. Eddie. “I explained it to Billy. I explained it to Tom (Saunders, dad of Billy) on Las Vegas”.

If either of the two boxers expresses their dissatisfaction about the judges to the commission, then one of them could be removed, although they would not be obliged but regularly remove them to avoid any controversy.

“I don’t like having a Mexican judge … That brings a lot of problems with scoring,” he added. Hearn. “I prefer to have a neutral panel. I have spoken with your team, with MTK (company that manages Saunders). They are aware of the situation. The judges will be sent, they will have the opportunity to review it, as well as the team of Canelo”.

Hearn wants to put aside the controversy

After the words of Billy Joe Saunders hinting that their fight was already arranged so that Canelo Alvarez in front of Caleb Plant coming soon, Eddie hearn He tried to put aside the controversy.

“There is no corruption at all,” he argued. “I will make sure we have three prominent judges on this panel. The commission will choose them. And if someone is unhappy, they can discuss it. But we do not elect the judges, the commission will tell us the judges ”.

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